we are inspired

by the desire           to share what

We are Anyes & Henner, an artist and a product designer by trade. Converting our van was exciting, but also complex. Then we had to figure out how to plan our trips, find good campsites and improve our comfort level while camping & traveling by purchasing the appropriate accessories. We watched videos, bookmarked sites, took notes, but the information was scattered and often hard to find when we needed it again.

scattered             information 

     can be       


When our friends asked us to share our resources we overwhelmed them with multiple links in texts and emails. So we decided to organize all the information we could gather right here on VanLifeReady.com, where anyone looking to acquire a van and get into this life style, as well as people already on the road, can refer to it with ease, over and over again.

   if the journey is

the destination,

  daily comfort


Van life and van camping can be done at any age and on a wide range of budgets, but people have different preferences and needs. So, while our directory content is broad, our "preferred listings" and articles reflect both our minimalistic style and the belief that "the journey is the destination" focusing on products and solutions that enhance daily comfort and practicality.

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