Van life, intended as the act of living and traveling out of a camper van, can be a full-time, part-time or occasional activity. But, no matter which one you choose, you will have some of the same challenges and advantages as anyone else. One of the advantages is the ability to move to a variety of locations and enjoy a different view every time you get there. Below are some images from our own van life experience that we hope will be inspiring. 


We converted a Sprinter van for traveling & camping but also as a project for our product design firm Gecco Vision focusing on solutions to improve comfort & ergonomics in camper vans. In the process, we did tons of research and learned about every aspect of van conversion. We also had many opportunities to enjoy camping, boondocking & traveling while testing our designs (which are still in prototype mode due to Covid).


Meanwhile, we launched this website,, to share resources that we wish we had when we started our van project, plus some of our own findings and opinions. Our desire is to help people get ready for whichever version of van life they are pursuing and give them ideas on how to be safer, more comfortable & organized while on the road.